Whether you need to buy new equipment, renovate your office, or invest in a new product for your company, a business loan is likely going to be the best option. Merchant Flow Financial exists to help your business flourish.

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Benefits of a Business Loan:

Large amounts available

If your business really needs the money to expand, this type of loan will be perfect.

Funding is normally a quick process

If you meet the qualifications, approval and funding is normally a quick process

Can help build credit

Business loans are an excellent way to build credit!

What are the Benefits?

One of the biggest, most obvious, benefits of a business loan is the ability to borrow large amounts of money in order to reach your company’s goals. However, you can select a long repayment term, making your bigger investments much more affordable. Once you develop a regular payment schedule, you can build your business credit and seek further expansion for your company. There is no limit to your growth.

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Strong credit

Business loans can be very high amounts, so it’s important to have good personal credit

Good revenue

If your business has the revenue to pay off the loan, then this may be the loan for you!

You have good business standing

This type of loan is perfect for businesses who want to grow and need some extra cash to do so!

How Does a Business Loan Work?

Your business loan will work a lot like a car loan, student loan, or mortgage does. First, you borrow a sum of cash up front for a specific reason. You will discuss this reason with your advisor and they will determine if this claim is valid. Then, you repay the sum of the loan over time with fixed payments — again, you will discuss with your advisor on which payment plan is best for you and your business. Keep in mind that all business owners have different ranges for what they can afford. Loans range in size from $50,000 to $5 million, and percentage rates can start at around six percent.

Business Loans are good for:

Businesses that are expanding

Businesses that want to invest

Contact Merchant Flow Financial to learn more about our business loans and how we may be able to assist you. Simply tell us what your vision is and we can discuss your business’s future. We look forward to working with you.

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Best for: -Businesses or persons who want to open a storefront, office, or restaurant

-Businesses that are growing

-Businesses that need a quick and manageable loan

-People who want to invest in a growing real estate market

-Business that are expanding

-Businesses that want to invest

Length of Loan -Loan is paid off after pay term ends or after total balance is met -Usually between 7 and 25 years -Loan is paid off after payment period is met -Balance is paid off when pay period ends or when loan amount is met
Uses: -Purchasing a commercial piece of property -Opening a new location or bringing on new employees -Purchasing non-owner occupied real estate

-Buying new equipment

-Bringing on new hires


-Commercial real estate is a good investment

-Payback periods are often stable

-Flexible terms and payment plans

-Streamlined process

-Earning equity

-Investing in growing market

-Building credit

-Flexible payback options

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If your business needs funds in order to do what it does best, don’t hesitate to contact Merchant Flow! Our team of dedicated bankers has the solution!

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