While landlords can make quite a bit of passive income, it takes a large sum of money to get started. For those of you who lack the cash to get started, don’t worry — investment property financing through Merchant Flow Financial could help. Keep in mind that choosing the wrong type of loan could hurt your investment, so make sure you understand all of your options by chatting with our team first.

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Benefits of Investing in Property

Booming real estate markets

A good portion of the country is in a seller’s market, especially in large cities.


Purchasing real estate now and building equity can be a great financial decision


Purchasing a home, or several, and renting it, can be an excellent way to control money effectively


Interested in investing?

In the end, an investment property is perhaps one of the easiest ways to make money. By choosing the right investment, the rent your tenants pay can cover your loan — and then some — over time.

Investing in property isn’t an easy thing to do. Luckily, Merchant Flow Financial has a team of bankers who know the industry and can provide you with quality guidance so that you can make the decision that is right for your business.

Merchant Flow can help!

How to be approved:

Be able to make a down payment

Like any mortgage, you’ll need to have cash for a down payment. Luckily, Merchant flow can help you with options.

Have a good credit history

If your credit is strong, then approval shouldn’t be an issue.

Have a strong financing background

With any loan, a strong financing background will benefit you!

How Can I Become a Strong Borrower?

Your credit score will have a lot to do with what sort of terms you are given on your investment property loan. Those of you with a lower score will need to pay higher and more frequent fees. Avoid these additional fees by having reserves in the bank to pay off all expenses for at least six months before requesting a hefty loan. If you should have vacancies for whatever reason, you’ll still be able to stay afloat.

What are the Benefits?

Be absolutely certain this is the right choice for you by contacting the professionals at Merchant Flow Financial. We look forward to sharing all we can with aspiring landlords and commercial property owners.

Compare Business Loans:

Commercial Mortgages Equipment Financing Investment Property Financing Business Loans
Best for: -Businesses or persons who want to open a storefront, office, or restaurant

-Businesses that are growing

-Businesses that need a quick and manageable loan

-People who want to invest in a growing real estate market

-Business that are expanding

-Businesses that want to invest

Length of Loan -Loan is paid off after pay term ends or after total balance is met -Usually between 7 and 25 years -Loan is paid off after payment period is met -Balance is paid off when pay period ends or when loan amount is met
Uses: -Purchasing a commercial piece of property -Opening a new location or bringing on new employees -Purchasing non-owner occupied real estate

-Buying new equipment

-Bringing on new hires


-Commercial real estate is a good investment

-Payback periods are often stable

-Flexible terms and payment plans

-Streamlined process

-Earning equity

-Investing in growing market

-Building credit

-Flexible payback options

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Investment properties can be an excellent financial decision and Merchant Flow can help with the process!

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