1. 10 SBA Loan Requirements Part 3

    10 Loan Requirements for Your SBA Loan Part 3 In this series, we have been able to discuss some of the loan requirements you will need to successfully finish up your SBA loan application. In this third and final portion of the blog series, we will discuss some of the pieces you need to apply for you…Read More

  2. 10 SBA Loan Requirements Part 2

    SBA Loan Requirements In the first part of this blog series, we left off stating that you have to submit a resume when you apply for a small business loan (SBA). We will continue to discuss some of the different requirements needed for a SBA loan. By following this list, you will be more than prepar…Read More

  3. 10 SBA Loan Requirements Part 1

    What is an SBA Loan, and What Do You Need SBA, which stands for a small business loan, is how many of the businesses you know and love have funded their projects. Most people don’t have the money to fund their fledgling businesses. Luckily, banks and loan offices are able to give small business ow…Read More

  4. Breaking Down Your Small Business Loans Part 2

    Why Are Business Loans Necessary Welcome back! In part one of this series, we explained what a business loan is and what it does. We also discussed how they work in terms of payment plans. Well, this part of the series is going to focus on why you need one. As stated in our first blog, most people d…Read More

  5. Breaking Down Your Small Business Loans

    Business Loans: Broken Down There are some people who dream of one day owning a store of their own; using their talents or trades and sharing them with others. At Merchant Flow Financial, we are interested in those dreams and strive to make businesses emerge and thrive in today’s market. With our …Read More

  6. Welcome to Our Blog

    Welcome to our site! We are in the process of building our blog page and will have many interesting articles to share in the coming months. Please stay tuned to this page for information to come. And if you have any questions about our business or want to reach out to us, we would love for you to st…Read More