Who Strategic Consulting and Planning is Best For

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What Strategic Consulting and Planning is Best For

Have professional managers handle all the headache that comes with managing, forecasting, and investing your finances.
Our experts design individualized programs for all of our client. Regardless your current financial state we are here to help.
More Money
Consulting saves you time, money and be done all remotely if you choose. We offer expert advice so you can take the guessing out of investing.
Feel at
We make the entire process a breeze. Using a consultant allows you to take the stress off of figuring it out alone.

Lets See if We're a Match

You must be 18 years or older to request a loan

Have a credit score of at least 600 when applying

Have in business for 1 year or experience in your trade for a minimum of 2 years

Average monthly sales of no less than $40,000 a month

Strategic Consulting and Planning Better Explained

How do you price your financial consulting services.

We are happy to provide our clients consultations by an hourly rate.

Do you provide corporate financial consulting only?

Not at all! Merchant Flow financial offers small business consulting as well.

Is consulting included when I finance with Merchant Flow Financial?

We will be more than happy to offer all of our clients lending tips to aid you in your lending journey. However, it would be wrong of us to share exclusive financial information with anyone other than our paying consulting

What are the terms of working with Merchant Flow Financials consulting experts.

In order to truly see the results of our services a six-month commitment period is required.

What Our Clients Say

Don't believe us, believe them!